11 January 2015

The Bartlett Scool of Architecture, 1st year student work: "Symphony of a ball"

Students (group project, studio 4 - by surname alphabetic order):

Gabriel Beard, Lier Chen, Peter Davies, Alex Desov, Joanna Hobbs, Carmen Kong, Hannah Lewis, Alvin Lim, Carolina Mondrag√≥n, Niraj Shah, Sarmad Suhail, Rory TurnerKe Yang

Royal Naval College of Greenwich, the "Skittle Alley".
Picking up the vibrations of 19th century cannon balls rolling down the timber rack of the alley, the students created a series of devices that turn those into sounds. The drawing tower sits at the end of these music devices. It incorporates the student's screen printed plan of a part of the Greenwich beach, which gets sprinkled with chalk, thus creating a new drawing, every time one plays bowling.

20 November 2012

RIBA President's Medal's


22 October 2012

This installation is Part of ADA Projects. Gabriel Warshafsky, Amelia Leeson and Ifi, in the Bloomsbury Festival, 22 October 2012

An installation which is part of a bigger project by a wonderful team of artists and architects.
Based on Ovid's poem "Daedalus and Icarus".
Our line: "And saw his feathers scattered on the main..."

10 July 2012


30 May 2012

The Lover's Tree House _ a little bit of monument for poetry

Somewhere in a Film’s map, in the Future of 2013

It's six o'clock in the morning, or silence past six, I can't remember.

The drawing of the city has one line on it and is now left without any passengers whatsoever.

It seems that light forgot the time of day and shadows search for their identities.

Horizons are hiding themselves from the sky,

a beam of light leans on the wall of a Giant

and proposes to him a walk in the city.

In the middle of it all sits a future without an umbilical cord,

whose aim is to inhabit the shadows on 300mm ochre walls,

use the rain as a means of communication

and keep all the tables of the city out into the light.

The drawing of the city has one line and a staircase on it.

But I'll put a ramp.

The sun might be disabled tomorrow.