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09 March 2011

the building is on the way

This is a diagram of the plans with the different capsule halls. I have organised some of them to see how practical things work...well in fact it was fun doing that. It came out that I had to have a common kitchen and bathroom for two of the five halls which ended up in an interesting gap in between them; maybe another capsule house or a chimney for getting cleaner air from the top of the building. The above render is one of the two facades i'm working on at the moment. The environmental consultant told me today that it is a good idea for shading, so i ll keep it. The little plastic square panels turn in two axis and there is no worry for them turning the balcony into a sauna as i was afraid would be the case, because wind comes from the east-west direction. The lower square and circle pieces can turn and become sits and tables for a potential small lecture space. The funky coloured barriers are a result of..hmm...playground influence? At the moment I am learning uv texturing so that I can show the materiality of each one of the pieces and i' ll have to model the big truss that spams from core to core because the engineer told me it has to be 1.8m high...i think it will change a lot the visual aspect of the building. (but i'll make it colourful). I made a plan of the pages that I need for the report. There is a lot to learn, but that's a good thing i suppose. For the crit i hope to have a clear analysis of the demographics so that i will be able to speak a bit about the political aspect of the project without over-narrativising it.