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Architect / Illustrator / PhD candidate in Architectural Design / Teaching Fellow at The Bartlett School of Architecture_UG3 Design Tutor / liangifi_at_gmail_dot_com / Unless stated otherwise, all work on this blog is made by Ifigeneia Liangi, Athens, 1988.

09 December 2011

Bernard's tomb in a tree

Photograph-drawings of the model "Bernard's tomb". Bernard Mickey-Wrangle was the lover of princess Leigh-Cheri, daughter of King Max and Queen Tilly (the names are taken from the book "Still Life with Woodpecker" from Tom Robbins.) The "Graft-tree" is part of the story i am writing at the moment which i intend to turn into a film. Possibly i will start developing an architecture for characters. First term's work has been quite experimental, with physical modelling, drawings and short animations. I will upload my animation soon.