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Architect / Illustrator / PhD candidate in Architectural Design / Teaching Fellow at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL & Chelsea College of Arts, UAL / liangifi_at_gmail_dot_com / Unless stated otherwise, all work on this blog is made by Ifigeneia Liangi, Athens, 1988.

13 March 2011

In order to understand and learn through my project, I started giving attention to the halls one by one. This is one of the halls that can host up to four university students and has a lecture space for about ten primary school students. (The next step is to specify all the economical issues, ideas and programme through diagrams). In relation to the existing buildings it sits around the fifth floor. Although Kipseli is the most dense populated area of Athens and relatively to the number of the city's inhabitants one of the most dense populated areas in the world, and very highly polluted in terms of air but sound as well, it is surprising to see that birds come back and build their nests inside the ventilation systems of the flats, particularly at the upper apartments. So the idea of this hall is to function as a tree house where the facade's stripy windows and shaders pattern the light on the floor inside as a tree in the forest and could potentially become nests for the birds. All the capsule halls of the building have disabled access, but the hall with the inverted tent that sits underneath the tree house is the most probable one of hosting disabled people because it is the nearest one to the main ramp of the building.