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Architect / Illustrator / PhD candidate in Architectural Design / Teaching Fellow at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL & Chelsea College of Arts, UAL / liangifi_at_gmail_dot_com / Unless stated otherwise, all work on this blog is made by Ifigeneia Liangi, Athens, 1988.

13 March 2011

These two drawings are a view from the south. The upper hall with the colourful facade becomes a kind of lecture space as parts of it open up. Colour is projected onto the existing building (i ll show it in another drawing). The wooden benches-balconies that sit on the long "public" strip seem as if hang from the upper hall and it is an initial idea of how I could link the strip, the outside main staircase (and lift) with the truss to create a new space. The little tower that sits on the diamond column (hmm...) is the hall that I want to pay attention to next. At the moment I need to read and understand the procurement methods and how I am going to give parameters to the story and start writing it.